Felix’s unique technology sets the pace as the industry adapts to new consumer trends and 100% cloud-based mobile payment transactions.

Vancouver, BC, February 16, 2023Felix Payment Systems (“Felix”), a fast-growth fintech company that offers 100% cloud-based payment acceptance, has officially been accepted to begin MPoC certification with industry partner Riscure, a global security lab offering services and tools.

Felix is now positioned to be one of the first companies to go to market with MPoC-certified payment products using cloud-based technology. It is the only company in North America with a fully cloud-based software platform that leverages a software development kit (SDK) that is pre-certified and connected to a list of major payment processors (ie. Chase, TSYS, Elavon and Heartland).

This unique payment acceptance technology provides turn-key mobile payment processing, development and deployment. System-wide maintenance updates are also quick and easy.

The new MPoC standard paves the way for businesses to use commercial smartphones, tablets and other NFC-enabled devices as compliant and secure contactless payment terminals without the need for any external card reading or PIN entry devices.

Many payments companies still use the older SPoC and CPoC standards, which are being phased out and superseded by the MPoC standard. 

“We are thrilled to kick off our MPoC certification process and continue to lead change in the payment cards industry,” said Owen Newport, Co-CEO of Felix. “With MPoC certification now in the works, our unique, 100% cloud-based payment acceptance platform is the future of payments.”

Felix officially began the MPoC certification process with Riscure on February 15, 2023.

The Evolution of PCI Standards

The table below summarises existing PCI standards for mobile payment acceptance and how they have evolved.

PCI StandardReleasedHigh-level scope
SPoCApril 2018Allows for PIN-based payment verification to be handled on the touch screen of a consumer-grade mobile device. SPoC was designed for solutions in which there is a separate card reading device to handle the NFC interaction for contactless payments.
CPoCDecember 2019Allows for contactless payments to be received and processed on a consumer-grade mobile device, but does not include the capability for PIN cardholder verification methods (ie Tap only).
MPoCNovember 2022Integrates SPoC and CPoC into a single unified standard to allow for both contactless and PIN-based payment acceptance on consumer mobile devices.

About Felix Payments

Felix Payment Systems is the world’s leading provider of cloud EMV payment technology. The Felix cloud payment acceptance platform enables instant activation of contactless payments on any NFC-enabled device by connecting to a network of pre-certified payment processors (Chase, TSYS, Elavon and Heartland). Felix reduces certification overhead, device maintenance and the dependency on traditional terminal providers.