What is the Felix Cloud EMV kernel and what are the advantages over traditional payments infrastructure?

Cloud Infrastructure

Real time Controls

Developer Enabled


Felix.Cloud moves the terminal kernel to the cloud with a certified EMV L2 & L3 platform to enable any connected device, anywhere…


  • Single key for countless devices
  • Pre-certified L2 EMV kernel in the cloud
  • 1 to many powering countless devices – COTS, wearables, fueling, in home, self-service, retail, in vehicle, online EMV
  • 1 to many network of L3 pre-certified acquirers

Legacy terminals;

  • Key injection for each device
  • L2 certification
  • 1 to 1 relationship between device and acquirer
  • L3 certification

Real-time controls

Manage all connected devices in real-time with a centralized EMV kernel:

  • Real-time management of features and functionalities
  • Real-time security enhancements
  • Access to more real-time data points
  • Manage all integrations and certifications
  • Real-time updates of card brand requirements

Developer enabled

Opening opportunities to create new exciting experiences and use cases that have traditionally been limited by hardware:

  • E-commerce & CNP
  • POS terminal hardware
  • mPOS & wallet
  • Developers & IOT
  • Terminal enablement
  • Open markets and enable EMV, NFC, PIN and QR solutions
  • Speed 3rd party certifications
  • White-label Tap to Phone solution available
  • Kernel-as-a-service model