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Tap to Pay SDK

Payment integrations
made easy

Connect your POS app up to Felix’s tap to pay, to accept NFC payments in your mobile app. Powered by our own cloud kernel, we support all major contactless methods and payment processors, right out of the box.

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Portal API service

Enable devices
in an instant

Don’t wait for hardware deliveries. Enable your merchants to accept payments in an instant with our Soft POS boarding APIs. All we need is an MID and a TID from a supported payment processor. The rest is up to you.

API call

					std::string transactionOutcome = FelixAPI::getInstance().doTransaction(transactionType, transactionAmount);

API response

					doTransaction Success { 
    "Response": { 
        "StatusCode": 0,
        "TransactionReference": String,
        "PaymentData": String,
        "ReceiptData": String,
        "AttestationResult": {
            "Status": String,
                "Accepted": String,
                "ActionRequired": String,
                "Class": String
                "Date": String
The Felix advantage​

Why ISV partners
choose Felix

Felix helps Soft POS vendors integrate tap to pay in their app without the development costs or certification bottlenecks.

Fast and convenient (Tap to Pay)

Card scheme and PCI approved

Secure, fraud prevention (EMV card present)

Turnkey solution for faster time to market

No delta security evaluation (full SDK)

Use case flexibility for different verticals

One SDK for all major acquirers in North America

Hardware / OS flexible developer options

Accepted payment methods
Blue Visa
Google Pay
Apple Pay
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