Instantly transform NFC smart devices into secure payment terminals

Felix.Terminal is a Tap to Phone Soft POS payment application that enables a merchant to instantly accept contactless payments using the NFC reader on an off the shelf mobile device.

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Felix.Terminal Soft POS application

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Cloud EMV for pay@pump
EMV payment terminals
Visa certifies L2 cloud kernel
Visa Level 2 certified EMV cloud kernel
PCI DSS Certification
Felix - PCI DSS Level 1 certification

Rebrand & deploy

Felix.Terminal provides a turnkey Soft POS solution that enables ISVs, payfacs and acquirers to rebrand and integrate.

Partner benefits

  • On demand scalability
  • Support unlimited devices with a single, hosted payment kernel
  • Eliminates hardware related expenses
  • “Over the air” rollout & enablement of EMV
  • Transactional or SaaS based licensing options
  • Opens new acceptance channels

Integration & deployments options

  • White label android app out of the box
  • Android app integration
  • POS integration flexibility

Terminal enablement

Integrating contactless & chip-based payments on connected devices.

Scalable cloud infrastructure helping terminal vendors reduce their compliance exposure, cut maintenance costs and get to market fast.

  • Terminal & processor agnostic payment technology
  • Rapidly integrates contact & contactless payment acceptance
  • Support unlimited devices with a single, hosted payment kernel
Enable remote terminals with our  EMV cloud kernel

Secure online checkout

Eliminating online fraud with superior cardholder verification methods.

Felix technology integrates EMV verification methods in traditional card-not-present payment environments, delivering superior fraud protection and cost reduction online.

  • Enables PIN (CVM) & biometric (CDCVM) EMV verification online
  • Secure cloud kernel framework & tokenized infrastructure
  • Integrates easily with websites, in-app & third-party systems
EMV online
Market trends

2.1 trillion USD

Projected global transaction value of mobile POS payments by 2023.

6.7 trillion USD

Projected global transaction value of digital payments by 2023.

6.5 trillion USD

Projected global transaction value of eCommerce payments by 2023.

  Some 420 billion transactions worth $7 trillion are anticipated to switch from cash to cards and digital payments by 2023, rising to US$48 trillion by 2030, according to November research from Accenture. The coronavirus pandemic has sped up the shift to digital payments "at a pace banks could not have predicted," Sulabh Agarwal, who leads Accenture's payments practice globally, said in a company statement. 

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