Felix is proud to announce our achievement of EMV Level 3 (L3) certification with Fiserv, one of the largest payment acquirers in North America. This certification marks a significant milestone, making Felix’s SoftPOS services available to Fiserv’s expansive network of merchants in North America, as well as Fiserv’s established footprint of ISVs, ISOs and Payment Facilitators, all of which now stand to benefit from Felix’s latest certification.

Felix’s cloud payments platform transforms mobile devices into contactless payment terminals using the NFC reader of today’s smartphones, tablets and other off-the-shelf devices. Fiserv merchants and channel partners, equipped with Felix’s SoftPOS software, can now accept payments anywhere using NFC-enabled mobile devices.

EMV Level 3 (L3) certification ensures the secure and efficient processing of contactless card present payments. It represents the final and most rigorous phase of EMV certification for payment terminals, focusing on end-to-end transaction processing between Felix’s cloud terminal and Fiserv’s processing engine.

Fiserv’s partners can now offer innovative, scalable, and secure payment acceptance solutions on mobile devices that cater to the diverse needs of businesses, regardless of size, location or use case.

Key benefits for Fiserv partners and merchants

  • Contactless Payments on Android: Turn NFC-enabled Android devices into secure payment terminals, allowing for seamless Tap to Pay transactions. 
  • Seamless Customer Experience: Streamlines the checkout process, reducing wait times and improving the custom checkout experience.  
  • Instant support for major contactless methods: including American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. 
  • Faster time to market: Felix cover all SoftPOS security requirements, removing the need for SoftPOS vendors to undergo delta security evaluations. 
  • Product reselling options: including white label SoftPOS and SDK solutions that can be easily rebranded and distributed to Fiserv merchants. 
  • Pre-certified for Fiserv Rapid Connect: eliminating need for SoftPOS vendors to undergo costly delays of EMV L3 certifications. 
  • Device flexibility: allowing for a “bring your own device” model to streamline payment acceptance on different NFC-enabled devices.   

Tap to Pay SDK for Fiserv ISV

By embedding Felix’s Tap to Pay SDK inside their existing POS applications, Fiserv ISV partners can enable secure, contactless payments to be accepted on ‘commercial off the shelf’ mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Felix simplifies the process for partners within the Fiserv network, offering them a cost-effective technology that satisfies all the card brand security requirements for SoftPOS vendors and provides a pre-certified connection to Fiserv Rapid Connect.

White Label SoftPOS

Felix’s White Label SoftPOS application offers Fiserv resellers, agents and ISOs channels a turnkey solution for merchants to accept payments directly on their NFC-enabled mobile devices, without having to rely on external card readers. The software can easily be rebranded and distributed to Fiserv merchants – all through a single application download.

Felix SoftPOS eliminates the need for traditional POS hardware and costly development, streamlining operations and distinguishing businesses in competitive markets. The solution can be deployed for numerous segments include:

  • Small businesses
  • Retail and restaurants
  • Trades
  • Deliveries
  • Hospitality
  • Entertainment

The surge in contactless

The US is experiencing unprecedented growth in contactless payments, with Mastercard noting an over 100% year-over-year increase in both transaction counts and spending.* This has been driven by a convergence of factors including overall increase in contactless card issuance, adoption of mobile wallets and mass open loop transportation. This is coupled with a demand by consumers and merchants for fast contactless and self-service payments at retail point of sale check out environments.

Unlock Tap to Pay today

With its recent Fiserv certification, Felix is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the surge in contactless payments, unlocking Tap to Pay for Fiserv Merchant, ISVs, OEMs and ISO organizations. Bring your own MID and TID and activate SoftPOS today.

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