L2 certified Cloud EMV is here

What makes this so unique? Felix has obtained an L2 certification from two of the largest card brand networks – Visa, and Mastercard, with American Express only weeks away, using the first-generation 100% cloud EMV kernel.

Until today, terminal manufacturers, enterprise merchants, and corporate partners underwent L2 testing for hardware integrated kernels. Meaning, every time these organizations had to get their payment terminals EMV certified, they would run into numerous hurdles, including:

  • Hardware limitations
  • Complex scalability processes
  • Slow integration processes
  • Extensive certification queues (up to 20+months)
  • Device key injection requirements
  • Dependency on third-party manufacturers

L2 testing is the most rigorous procedure for all EMV certifications, with hundreds of meticulous tests needing successful approval.

Our cloud kernel eliminates the EMV L2 certification process in the Android ecosystem to instantly enable contactless payment acceptance on Android smart devices using NFC. This opens new business opportunities for merchants, banks, payment acquirers, gateways, ISO’s, and other partners.

The independence from external hardware reduces the dependence on the supply chain (hardware provisioning, maintenance costs, microchips shortage, supporting architecture errors). Merchants can download and install Felix.Terminal to transform their phone into a payment terminal. Tap to Phone technology offers a vast profile of use cases ready to be implemented rapidly. These cases include but are not limited to:

  • Emerging markets
  • Delivery services
  • Personal services
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality

Replacing archaic past with a dynamically agile future

The payments world is experiencing a seismic shift, with advanced economies and developing nations adopting cashless payment channels at an unprecedented rate. Made evident by self-service kiosks at cafes, fast food restaurants, the uptake of e-commerce, and public transport infrastructure…

Felix Payment Systems, a leader in mobile payment solutions, has developed and embraced a mobile cloud EMV infrastructure that is certain to disrupt payment acceptance infrastructure globally.

The benefits of a 100% Cloud EMV model include:

  • Access to on-demand device scalability
  • Utilizing ubiquitous payment acceptance architecture
  • Eliminating hardware dependence

The cloud EMV kernel provides the functionality of traditional terminals, offering additional benefits including but not limited to speed, security, unlimited on-demand scalability and unparalleled flexibility.

Leveraging the power of the cloud, we are able to:

  • Transform COTS (Commercial off the shelf) mobile devices into payment acceptance terminals with no additional hardware requirements
  • Maintain the security and convenience of EMV payments on smartphones
  • Manage all certifications in our cloud
  • Create next-generation consumer experiences
  • Provide real-time cloud updates
  • Rapidly adjust to any new card brand requirements

100% Cloud EMV kernel

Due to the current status quo in the world and the relentless power of progress, more and more merchants are opting for cashless, contactless ways of accepting payments. However, typically merchants must purchase/rent terminal devices to accept contactless EMV payments.

Using the cloud EMV kernel, Felix eliminates the need for bulky terminals and allows merchants to accept payments virtually anywhere. Vending machines, self-service kiosks, modern vehicles, biometric and ID payments, e-commerce are all avenues where our cloud EMV kernel can deliver solutions that disrupt the world of commerce. Felix.Cloud technology helps bridge the gap to enable “true” omnipresent payments within digital payments ecosystems.

Real-time device management

Leveraging the power of the cloud EMV kernel, acquirers can now bypass the constraints of device manufacturers using a turnkey L2 & L3 certified cloud EMV solution with real-time management of features and functionalities. Our cloud solution puts acquirers’ minds at ease by alleviating any new requirements and future updates concerns. This, combined with the secure cloud environment doing all the heavy lifting, creates intriguing opportunities in the payments space.

Felix.Cloud revolution

The dependency on the hardware has been a hindrance in payments for many years. In our digitized era, as technologies develop at breakneck speed, there is no place for slow, unreliable hardware, that requires maintenance and financial overheads.

The world and its future are in the hands of cloud technologies, and Felix.Cloud has the power to transform your payments infrastructure.

If you want to know how you can take advantage of this state-of-the-art new technology, contact us for a confidential discussion.