There is no denying that contactless card payments using SoftPOS Tap to Phone and cloud EMV payment technology are the future of digital commerce. Today, almost every credit, debit, and payment card in the world is enabled with Near Field Communications (NFC), a small chip that transmits encrypted card information upon request from another NFC device (receiver).

This NFC system is not only convenient, fast, and safe, but it already exists in nearly every smartphone produced, which enables digital wallets like GooglePay, SamsungPay, and ApplePay.

As a digital wallet, the NFC in the smartphone is used to mimic the NFC from a card to digitally transmit card information to a receiving payment terminal. However, it is now also possible to use the NFC receivers to not only pay but to get paid by using Tap to Phone.

From Digital Wallet to Secure Cloud EMV Payment Terminal

Instead of using the NFC in the phone as a transmitter for digital wallets, Tap to Phone technology enables the NFC to be used as a receiver.  By adding a simple, but very complex, certified and approved mobile application to your phone, Tap to Phone turns the NFC-enabled smartphone into a secure payment terminal.  And unlike other mobile payment solutions like Square and PayPal, Tap to Phone solutions do not need a separate reader connected to the device or Bluetooth to work.

Instant and everywhere

As a business wanting to accept card payments, Tap to Phone SoftPOS offers some very distinct advantages over other acceptance options.

  • Affordability – No devices or mobile terminals to purchase, use the best mobile solution ever invented, your smartphone.
  • Instant access – As there are no external devices or proprietary equipment necessary, Tap to Phone offers businesses instant activation and access.
  • Rapid scaling – Instant access means that additional smartphones can be set up on-demand to support all types of use cases.
  • Versatility – Tap to Phone enablement opens the door to near-limitless options and opportunities for anyone wanting to accept NFC payments.

With more phones than human beings on the planet, enabling the smartphone to now accept payments offers yet another dynamic of versatility for the device you have in your pocket.

Where in the world?

From the perspective of a business, small or large, wrapping your head around how and where Tap to Phone can be used can be dizzying.  Suddenly, having the ability to instantly activate any smartphone to accept payments opens up options that had been previously limited by specialized hardware.

  • Mobile Sales & Service – Have a business that has you or your employees out in the field, no need to purchase expensive mobile payment terminals, or unreliable dongles.  From field sales to on-site technicians and services, no need to write down card numbers, call in for an approval and risk losing an upsell opportunity.  Simply Tap to Phone.
  • Delivery – Food, medications, cannabis, and now general merchandise, the world has shifted commerce
  • Roaming Sales & Line Busting – As a consumer, standing or waiting in a long line to make a simple purchase is sometimes not worth the wait.  Stop line waiting fatigue and offer your customers a faster way to purchase while enabling staff to provide a better consumer experience.
  • Curbside pick-up – In the wake of Covid-19, more and more businesses are offering curbside pick-up, but at the expense of all the sales going through e-commerce or online sales, both increasing cost and fraud.  Tap to Phone can provide businesses with a fast and secure way to process these payments as they should be, as a retail EMV transaction.
  • App Integration – Have an existing mobile application for your business?  Tap to Phone has the option to integrate with your application to create a seamless payment experience for users.  From retail to restaurants to gas stations, integrating Tap to Phone to your existing mobile application or POS system enables customers to process secure retail EMV transactions.

As with any disruptive technology, it can take time for things to evolve and become a standard.  When digital music was first offered back in the 90’s, it took nearly 15 years for it to become mainstream.

Now, where do we get all of the music we listen to? The cloud.  The payment industry has been waiting for cloud technology to advance where solutions like Tap to Phone can be a reality.  Well, it is here now and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Companies like, Vancouver-based, Felix Payment Systems have been working in the shadows to create these exciting and game-changing solutions to create a new era of payment technology.  Together with the support of the major card networks of Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and others, Tap to Phone and Cloud Payments are poised to redefine the payment eco-system forever.

If you’re a forward-thinking business interested in the Felix SoftPOS Tap to Phone product – get in touch.