Felix secures an L3 certification with one of the largest payment services providers in the U.S. – Heartland. Heartland is widely known and considered an industry leader in payment data security. Given their status, Heartland provides a wide range of solutions and services for businesses throughout the United States.  

After Felix L3 certification with Heartland, the next step for us is deploying our  Felix.Terminal to enable SME merchants to take payments directly on their NFC-enabled smart devices. This offers a unique opportunity to use the first-generation 100% Cloud-powered SoftPOS payment acceptance. Felix has a proven record of delivering  disruptive solutions in the payment industry, and this is just another example of our industry-defining technology.  

Cloud kernel L3 certified

The L3 certification is the final stage of the EMV certification, where a connection between the terminal and the acquiring bank systems is rigorously tested to ensure end-to-end transaction acceptance.  

Our Tap to Phone solution presents significant benefits compared to traditional payment terminals, including but not limited to:  

  • Dongle free tap to phone EMV – no external hardware is required to accept digital EMV payments;  
  • Full payment terminal functionality with tips – accept contactless EMV payments, keyed payments, and tips;  
  • Any NFC payment type support – accept payments from EMV credit cards (Visa, Mastercard), as well as from mobile wallets (Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay);  
  • 100% Cloud kernel – accept payments virtually anywhere on your NFC-enabled Android smartphone if you have access to the internet or a cellular connection.  
  • Instant activation for on-demand scaling – instant merchant account activation and rapid payment acceptance enablement; 
  • Card brand certified – Felix.Terminal is officially partnered with Visa and Mastercard and holds the relevant certifications from both payment networks.  

Felix.Terminal is a purpose-built mobile payment acceptance solution that provides the same functionality and security as a traditional terminal with the additional benefits of mobility, rapid scalability, and seamless brand integration.    

Cloud-based payment acceptance   

Leveraging an agnostic Cloud solution provides businesses of all sizes new and exciting use cases:  

  • Dongle-free mPOS – experience a hardware-free payment acceptance terminal in your own NFC-enabled android mobile device without additional cradles or stands;  
  • Kiosks and self-service stations – integrate Felix.Cloud into an existing device or platform;  
  • White-label solution – integrate your brand with Felix.Terminal to personalize the experience fit for your business;  
  • Pay at the table – improve customer experience and accept contactless payments from your COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) device.
  • Eliminate hardware dependency – use your own phone to securely accept digital EMV payments, including Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay.  

There are many more potential use cases for Felix.Cloud as its ubiquitous infrastructure provides vast opportunities in the domain of digital payments acceptance.  

Disruptive solution of the future today  

The future in the global payments landscape is optimistic as more and more merchants and industry partners are upgrading legacy systems to move onto more sophisticated payment platforms.  

 We are very proud to be at the forefront of such a revolutionary solution using a unique Cloud kernel that is undoubtedly on its way to redefining the payment acceptance landscape.  

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