Does your mobile device company want to offer an EMV payments solution? Here’s what you need to do: Talk to us and we‘ll take care of the rest.

Many mobile device manufacturers are bundling in SaaS applications as premium upgrades, successfully upselling their accounts on new functionalities that enhance customer experience.

However, upgrading a device to handle EMV transactions can be complex due to the certifications, security credential checks and set-up, onboarding, testing and deployment through a mobile device management system (MDM).

Where do you begin scoping out integration when your biggest account says they want a contactless payment solution rolled out by end of quarter?

Traditional integration is a headache

How L2 and L3 EMV certification works can be a significant barrier to entry for device manufacturers looking to go to market quickly and cost-efficiently with a traditional payment acceptance solution.

For contactless payment acceptance, the device manufacturer usually has to develop its own L2 EMV software kernel to install on each device and applies for L2 certification for each product line.

If the manufacturer has a suite of products that changes every few years, the re-certification cycle can require a lot of paperwork, development time and waiting for approval.

It’s a headache to maintain this type of payment solution on devices, too. Each security patch or maintenance update must be manually installed on the device by the manufacturer or a licensed third party that does on-site servicing.

Most hardware manufacturers also don’t handle L3 certification, which is where the connection between the payments acceptance device and the acquiring bank systems are rigorously tested.

Card brands and wallets also have their own unique processing specifications and technical differences between them that have to be considered for each type of device to ensure fast, reliable connections.

Fast, easy integration of contactless payments

What does Felix do that’s different? You simply connect to our L2- and L3-certified cloud kernel and we take care of the rest for you.

Felix is the only payments acceptance company in North America with a 100% cloud-based kernel that is connected to a network of pre-certified payment processors (Chase, TSYS, Elavon and Heartland) and major card and wallet brands (Amex, Mastercard, Visa, Apple Pay and Google Pay).

For example, with our FelixTerminal White Label solution, device manufacturers can quickly start earning revenue with their own branded payments app installed on their devices at any scale of roll-out.

If your company has its own app that you want to connect to our unique cloud kernel, that’s possible, too, with our Tap to Pay SDK solution.

After we discuss technical integration specs with you, the process of set-up, testing, onboarding and roll-out through an MDM is handled by us, allowing you to go to market quickly and cost-efficiently without the project management headache.

So, next time your biggest account wants an EMV contactless payments app on its fleet of devices by end of quarter, you can relax and send them a quote by end of day.

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