Felix.Terminal deployment options

Felix.Terminal branded

Tap to Phone enablement

Felix.Terminal provides a turn-key Tap to Phone solution for clients and partners with rapid enablement potential.


  • Instant activation for on-demand scaling
  • No additional hardware required
  • SoftPOS android application
  • Full payment terminal functionality
  • Semi-integration capabilities

White-label solution

Seamless rebranding

Felix.Terminal provides a turnkey SoftPOS solution that enables ISVs, payfacs and acquirers to rebrand and integrate.

Integration options

  • White label Android app out of the box
  • Android app integration
  • POS integration flexibility

Partner benefits

  • Instant merchant activation
  • Faster time to revenue
  • On demand scalability
  • New acceptance channels
  • Transactional or SaaS based licensing options
  • “Over the air” rollout & EMV enablement
  • Elimination of hardware related expenses

Integrate into your existing application

Rapid T2P deployment

Tap to Phone integration enables existing mobile and POS applications by embedding secure modules into existing products or new creations. It allows to instantly transform Android NFC smart devices into secure payment terminals.

  • Bring your own device
  • Terminal functionality with tips
  • CVM – PIN & Signature
  • CDCVM – ApplePay, GooglePay, SamsungPay
  • Visa, MC, AMEX
  • Receipt – Print, Email, SMS
  • Manage floor limits
  • 100% cloud kernel payment processing