Felix to integrate Tap-to-Pay SDK in cutting-Edge oona Android tablets

Vancouver, Canada, 2023-06-03 — Felix Payment Systems, a leading provider of contactless payment technology is exited to announce its strategic partnership with oona, a pioneering device manufacturer specializing in Android technology. This partnership will bring the power of Felix Payments’ Tap-to-Pay Software Development Kit (SDK) to oona’s innovative Android tablets, to create the checkout of the future, revolutionizing the way users make payments.

Through this collaboration, Felix Payments’ Tap-to-Pay SDK will integrate directly into the oona cutting-edge Android tablets. This integration will enable users to make secure contactless payments using their tablets, leveraging the convenience and efficiency of front-facing NFC capabilities.

By incorporating Felix Payments’ Tap-to-Pay SDK, oona tablets will offer users a seamless and secure payment experience. With oona’s advanced Android tablets, users can enjoy the benefits of contactless payments by tapping their cards or compatible devices directly on the tablet. This partnership empowers users with a convenient and efficient payment solution, enhancing the versatility and functionality of oona Android tablets.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Felix Payments, a recognized leader in secure contactless payment solutions,” said Tom McCole VP Sales & Marketing at oona. “By integrating their Tap-to-Pay SDK into our Android tablets, we are taking a significant step toward transforming the way users make payments. This partnership aligns with our commitment to providing innovative technology and enhancing the overall user experience. We are excited to offer our customers an unparalleled combination of advanced features and secure payment capabilities.”

These sentiments were echoed by the Felix team “We are excited to be partnering with such an innovative company to bring our Tap to Pay technology to the global market. Their front facing NFC will provide a convenient and seamless consumer experience while significantly reducing the merchant’s hardware requirements” said Felix Co-CEO Owen Newport.

The collaboration between oona and Felix Payments combines the strengths of both companies to deliver a comprehensive solution that merges innovative technology with secure payment functionality. The partnership will enable users to enjoy the convenience of contactless payments while leveraging the advanced features and capabilities of oona’s Android tablets.

About oona

oona is a pioneering device manufacturer dedicated to creating innovative Android tablets. With a focus on technological innovation, oona revolutionizes the way users interact with their devices. By incorporating front-facing NFC capabilities and partnering with leading providers like Felix Payments, oona empowers users by creating the checkout of the future.

Find out more at https://oona-solution.com.

About Felix Payments

Felix Payments is a leading provider of secure payment solutions, specializing in contactless payment technologies. Through its Tap-to-Pay SDK, Felix Payments enables businesses and device manufacturers to incorporate secure and convenient payment capabilities into their products. With a focus on user experience and data security, Felix Payments offers a comprehensive solution that enhances the payment ecosystem.