L3 certification with Chase


Our certification with Chase permits our 100% cloud-based EMV kernel to transact through Chase’s payment ecosystem and support merchants looking to use their processing services.

Tap to phone is the future

Why Tap to Phone is the future our planet needs


Tap to phone technology allows us to eliminate unnecessary manufacturing and dangers to the environment. Let’s explore how these services improve lives. As humanity evolves, we are always looking for new ways to better serve ourselves and the planet, two goals that often go hand in hand. When the planet thrives, we all do, which is why so many services …

Uncovering the Post-Pandemic Contactless Market


Business owners are experimenting with new payment methods and sales channels by selling on social media and online, as well as by investigating creative payment methods for in-person commerce.

Felix transact 2022 payments event

Transact 2022


Felix joins Transact 2022 – a digital payments event powered by the Electronic Transactions Association.