Seiko Instruments USA and Felix Payment Systems Team Up For Retail Now July 25th to 27th

Felix Payments Systems Limited (“Felix”) and Seiko Instruments USA (“SII”) are pleased to announce their marketing partnership which will be on display at this year’s RSPA show Retail Now at Opreyland, Nashville, Tennessee. Felix is proud to be working with such a well-known, successful, and forward-thinking company like Seiko Instruments.

Specifically, Felix and SII will be showcasing Felix’s ground-breaking Tap to Phone payments technology in concert with SII’s market-leading line of mobile printers aimed at the SME and gig economy markets.

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic hit last year, the global economy had been making a shift to a cashless, contactless payment ecosystem. Last year’s pandemic has, however accelerated this shift in epic proportions.

Felix’s cloud EMV kernel platform enables payment acceptance on any NFC-enabled smart device. With Felix’s cloud platform, merchants can accept EMV payments from their customer’s by tapping the customer’s card or mobile wallet against their NFC-enabled smartphone. No external card reading device is required.

The Tap to Phone use case for the EMV cloud kernel is the first commercial step by Felix to introduce this innovative, cutting-edge cloud-based technology. Combined with the latest mobile printing technology from a global leader like SII, this represents a tailor-made SME and gig economy market technology bundle.

While these combined product sets have numerous use cases and related markets, the SME and gig economy are specifically suitable to take advantage of the newest payment and mobile printing technology, reducing costs, eliminating fraud, and providing easy & fast activation.

Noah Fitzgerald, Chief Operations Officer at Felix, stated

“We are very excited with the relationship with Seiko Instruments. The Seiko team was able to understand the unique requirements of our Felix. Terminal Tap to Phone SoftPOS technology and provide a range of mobile Bluetooth printers to support the market’s portability needs. As Tap to Phone is still in its infancy, we see this partnership as a critical differentiator for both Seiko and Felix as we collectively scale our solution sets throughout North America”.

Matt Schmitz, Director of Sales and Business Development at Seiko Instruments USA stated,

“The Felix and Seiko partnership creates a unique solution that the marketplace has been looking for in a mobile, cashless, contactless payments solution. Transforming merchant mobile devices into secure EMV capable solutions out of the box will surely draw a lot of attention and we are thrilled to be working with the Felix team.”

Product Bundle

About Seiko Instruments USA

Seiko is one of the most recognized business brands in the world, embodying innovative design and manufacturing excellence for precision technology. As a member of the Seiko Group, Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII) builds on this exceptional reputation.

Founded in 1937, SII now has a global presence of 13,000 employees worldwide. SII currently manufactures and markets electronic components, thermal and specialty printers, communication and network technology, scientific instrumentation, an array of consumer electronic products, and more.

Thermal Printer Division – SII Thermal Printer Division is a pioneer in high-performance, high-reliability direct thermal printing solutions. SII has shipped over 50 million units worldwide and is a global market leader in direct thermal print mechanisms.

About Direct Thermal Printing – Direct thermal printers produce images by applying a heating element to specially treated paper. Unlike thermal transfer, dot matrix, and other technologies. No ribbons or toner are required, reducing operating costs. With very few moving parts, direct thermal provides exceptionally reliable printing.

About Felix Payments Systems Limited

Felix was created to make payments frictionless, open and secure for everyone.

Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Felix is the world’s leading provider of cloud EMV payment technology provider. Felix patented technology transforms consumer and merchant’s devices into EMV capable solutions.

In partnership with the card networks, Felix enables partners and merchants to implement the most secure payment methods anywhere, eliminating fraud risks and lowering costs.

About RSPA – Retail Now

RSPA is North America’s largest community of VAR’s, software, developers, vendors, and distributors in the retail, restaurant, grocery and cannabis verticals. We’re a fit for any organization that’s serious about growth in those markets.”

SII and Felix are demonstrating the bundling of their combined technologies at Booth 418 at the RSPA Retail Now conference being held at Opreyland, Nashville, Tennessee.

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