Felix becomes a Mastercard partner and an official Tap on Phone technology provider. This partnership opens the gateway to collaborations and partnerships with businesses of all sizes. To view Felix MPOS solution provider directory listing, please visit the mpos partners page to discover more about this forward-thinking program.

Rapid Progress in Payments Industry 

According to juniper research, the predicted velocity of contactless mobile payments is on track to exceed 49bn globally by 2023. Felix rises at the forefront of this contactless payments wave by providing a customer-driven, contactless Tap on Phone technology powered by our L2 cloud kernel

The Felix certified and patented Cloud kernel opens up new possibilities in mobile payments by eliminating the dependence on external hardware. This cloud-based softPOS system provides immediate access to payment terminal capabilities within any NFC-enabled Android smartphone. 

Felix Tap on Phone technology

Felix is recognized as a Tap on Phone technology provider and is working with Mastercard and the card networks to bring this exciting new technology to market.

Felix.Terminal is turnkey SoftPOS technology created to rebrand, integrate, and deploy by ISVs, payfacs and acquirers. 

For more information on how your business can benefit from our technology, contact us for a confidential discussion.